Below are the remarks of Fabian Bedne following the news that he had carried the 2011 Metro Council election for District 31.

Welcome everyone!!! WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!

WITH YOUR HELP WE HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL and we can now begin the hard work of bringing our neighbors and friends together to build a cohesive community - one that works together, plays together and builds for the future together.

I want to especially thank my opponent James Widrig for the manner in which he has conducted his campaign. He has run a clean campaign based on the issues and I really hope he will be willing to bring the energy he has displayed to help us build a strong community with the best possible quality of life.

So many people have helped in this campaign that began almost a year ago, I could not begin to thank everyone. However, there are some people I want to introduce that have worked side-by-side with me in this effort.

My wife, Mary-Linden Salter
My daughter, Olivia Bedne
My son, Gabriel Bedne
My sister, Debora Bedne Izaguirre, and my brother-in-law.
My cousin Hernan

Mike Kopp, our senior advisor
Alma Sanford, our campaign manager
Bob Tuke, our treasurer
John Lamb, our webmaster
Kris Murphy, our data file coordinator
John Kerr, our field director
Carol Hicks, our volunteer coordinator
Carmen Otey, our poll worker coordinator
Cesar Bautista Sanchez, our visibility coordinator
Vilma Cueva, our Hispanic outreach coordinator
Aram Torabian, our Kurdish outreach coordinator

Gabi Castillo
Janet Pelmore
Veronica Uribe-Payne
Maggie and David Sidlinger
David & Pam Kidd
Kathleen Harkey
Gini Pupo-Walker
Lee Limbird
Al Wilkins
Jason Fults
Rick Roberts
Jay & Emma Johnston
Linda Terrell
Mary Pat Silveria
Julian Kanter
Charles Nails
Al Baer
Jessie Angel
Stephanie Lindner
Barbara Lawrence
Rosalba Escolar
Ruby Angelle-Smith
Colleen Smeekens
Lynne Collier
Raul Miranda

You have entrusted me with a sacred responsibility, and you can count on me to focus on the things that mean the most to you and your families:
  • Safer neighborhoods
  • Better schools
  • More recreational facilities
  • Higher property values
  • A greater place to do business
  • An inclusive community
STAND WITH ME, and we will make District 31 an even better place to live. Thanks so much for coming tonight. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!!

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