Amplify the voice of the neighborhoods

I will continue to use my role on the Council to encourage, participate in meetings and coordinate neighborhood associations and homeowner associations, such as the Crossings Action Partnership, Cane Ridge Community Club, and the Star Neighborhood Association, just to name a few.

Condition development on increased infrastructure

The Crossings (old Hickory Hollow) needs continued, steady support. Our local community has done amazing work in starting to turn the area around; it benefits Nashville to support these efforts. We have succeeded in bringing a new library, community center and ice rink to the area.

I will continue to support mom-and-pop stores, as they are engines for growth and opportunity. Nashville should put the same efforts that are put into supporting bigger investments, to smaller. The Lenox Village Area Business Association is an example of the type of partnership I want to continue having.

Zoning variance issues should be decided with input from all affected stakeholders. I pledge to continue to involve neighbors and landowners in the decision-making process as early as possible in a clear and fair way. Depending on the size of the growth, it will affect the community at large. I will take this impact into consideration when looking at a zoning variance by seeking input from a wider area (beyond what is now required).

Traffic and speeding are a district-wide problem; we need to continue to find district-wide solutions by creating a thorough plan that includes traffic calming measures, stop signs and lights, to reduce the excessive speeding on residential roads. Partnering with police to increase the presence in our area is part of the solution as well.

I will work to create friendlier and safer streets by promoting connecting sidewalks, installing curbs and adding street lighting.

I will continue to fight to bring much-needed services outside the core like our new greenway and parks system.

I will support retrofitting or refashioning of strategic roadways with multi-modal design that considers all users (bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders; children, the elderly, and people with disabilities), that supports access to existing businesses in the area (without displacing them). An example is my work with TDOT to widen Nolensville Road.

I see a lot of potential for rapid transit (whether it be BRT or light rail) just outside the district along I-24, one of Middle Tennessee’s most heavily traveled and congested Interstate corridors due to all the growth that's in the Murfreesboro area. We recently approved the budget to install a BRT light on Nolensville Road.

Because District 31 borders Williamson County, our community interacts more with our neighbors to the south than elsewhere in the Metro geography. Since 2000, a coalition of regional and state partner agencies including Cumberland Region Tomorrow, the Mayors Caucus, Partnership 2020, and the Nashville Area MPO have accomplished a lot to address growth challenges and to advance the region towards a more sustainable future. I've been at the table during the formative stages for some of these efforts and am committed to helping to further Middle Tennessee’s demonstrated capacity to effectively organize key leaders to address issues of regional significance, such as transportation and tourism.

Solve crime and enforce codes violations

With the support of neighbors, law enforcement recently caught a man who had committed many break-ins in our district. Residents who actively support and watch out for each other will always be safer than those who don’t. As I said above, helping and coordinating neighborhood associations has been and will continue to be one of the priorities of my tenure in the Metro Council.

Dumping trash, too many parked cars, and similar problems are Codes violations that hurt our quality of life. I will continue to promote more code enforcement to crack down on the non-criminal infractions and revitalize our streets and public spaces.

Support education

I supported a satellite campus plans for Nashville State Community College in the old Hickory Hollow.

I will continue to support our schools. Without question, educating our young is critical to the vibrancy and future of our city. I requested and got approved for added classrooms at AZ Kelley, Maxwell and Oliver. Most of the work has been completed.

As Chair of Education in the Council, I started a conversation about better school siting, which resulted in a change of policy by the School Board.

I will continue to work to support better, safer community schools in our area, where families feel encouraged to participate in their children’s education.