Thursday, August 4, 2011

Councilman-elect Fabian Bedne!!!

Photo by Brent Moore.  Licensed via Creative Commons.

It's official: Fabian Bedne will be the next Metro Councilman to represent District 31!  Congratulations to the councilman-elect on his successful campaign, and a hearty "THANK YOU" to everyone who has come to place their trust and support in Fabian along the way.

Fabian's election-night speech, with some specific thank-you's and a look forward to the future of District 31, is here.

As for this web site, we're thinking about how to create a new space online to continue the conversation about preserving and improving District 31.  If you want to pitch in to building that space, or if you want to submit your ideas already, please let us know.

For now, feel free to continue to contact Fabian via his address, phone, and e-mail in the upper-right hand of the web site at, or via his Twitter and Facebook accounts, accessible on the same side of the web site.  Our incoming councilman looks forward to speaking with everyone about the important work to be done in the district.

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