Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Testimonial of Jim Pareigis for Fabian Bedne

Jim Pareigis
My name is Jim Pareigis, and I worked with Fabian Bedne for many years at Hart Freeland Roberts, a 100-year-old architectural and engineering firm here in Nashville.  I am excited about Fabian's candidacy for Metro Council.  He knows first-hand how the city is built, he is a great designer, he is a great ally, and personal friend.

I personally witnessed Fabian's attention to the clients who hired our firm. Fabian's excellent design skills and his ability to listen helped translate those client needs into new buildings and spaces that are a joy to live and work in.  I also personally appreciate Fabian's passion for neighborhoods, including my own.  When we had an issue with a nearby development, we asked Fabian to sit in on our meetings with the developers and members of the Metro Council. We felt that Fabian was able to clearly understand and firmly articulate our position with the other side to find common ground.

Fabian also goes the extra mile for what's important.  When I asked him to go with me to help the Red Cross in Franklin, in support of Katrina victims, he was right there with me every day.  We ate lunch together, answered phones, and even helped make it easier for actual hurricane victims to get around the shelter by creating the signage that pointed them in the direction of aid. I've also worked alongside Fabian as he poured himself into Love Helps letters and as a Habitat for Humanity’s Board Member.

Fabian is someone we can count on.  I believe he will be quite an ally for Metro Council District 31.  Your vote for Fabian will continue his service to Nashville, and we need him.

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