Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Smart and balanced development

Portion of Site Plan for Lenox Village, by Regent Development, LLC
An example of smart and sustainable development in our district

When William Williams interviewed me for yesterday's cover story in the Nashville City Paper, he asked why I am running for Council.

"To bring smart and sustainable development to my district", I told him. I’ve been a Commissioner on the Board of Zoning Appeals, but a Metro Councilman can be much more proactive on those issues. The Council is where the city itself can be shaped for the better.

I’ve been involved in shaping the built environment for almost 30 years, working in large firms and in my own small business. I headed up a Columbus, Ohio revitalization project and have helped guide Habitat for Humanity’s Nashville developments, as a member of its Board and Construction Committee. I have worked on several large Nashville projects, including the LifeWay campus, the Fulton complex, and the Howard Office Building. I have designed schools in Nashville and elsewhere. My residential design brings that experience to the individual scale, with remodels, new home design and solid construction.

Project design starts with listening to stakeholders who are affected by the projects I work on, and the best design process includes those stakeholders every step of the way. Having the active participation of a consumer improves both the project and the process. This philosophy belongs on the Metro Council, and I intend to bring it there. As a Councilman, I will be mindful of the impact of development on safety and crime, green areas, privacy, property values, traffic, and noise. And I will be include my fellow Nashvillians as partners on every project.

I am running for Metro Council for District 31 because I have the experience and knowledge to do the job, and because I believe wholeheartedly that it is possible to grow Nashville in a balanced and smart way.

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