Sunday, January 16, 2011

Looking back on the flood

Almost one year has passed since the terrible flood that caused the deaths of eleven people and affected more than 8,000 households. Thousands of Nashvillians pitched in to help our fellow neighbors with the clean-up, and even after the story was off the news, people were still in need, and Nashvillians were still out there helping.

Some of the people I had the privilege of working with during the aftermath of the flood were Rebuilding Together Nashville and Hands on Nashville, as well as another non-profit helping people living off Haywood Lane who had lost everything. My most formal role ended up being as a Project Manager, coordinating the work of hundreds of volunteers and subcontractors with the help of the House Captains and other staff. We were able to rebuild 25 homes, for which I am extremely proud.

One of the homes we rebuilt was in River Plantation. The owner told us about the day of the flood, and how her son had come to rescue her after the water was 4 ft high in her house, and rising rapidly. They made it out by boat.

Thanks to the Ford volunteers pictured above and countless others, she has been able to return home.

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